NORRAG is addressing the themes of its 4 current programmes of work (Post-2015, Global Governance of Education, Urban Violence, Youth and Education  and TVET) through its publications, its blog, its website, as well as workshops, conferences and policy seminars.

In terms of publications, NORRAG News (NN) is a biannual publication which critically examines a specific,topical theme in the area of education, training and cooperation policies. NN’s niche has been to identify a number of ‘red threads’ running through the complexity of the debates and the current discourse and to provide short, critical,timely, sharp and novel ways of lookingat major events, substantial projects, and weighty publications.

The blog NORRAG NEWSBite showcases the views and opinions of NORRAG members or non-members. A series of Working Papers and conferences proceedings are also available on the website.